NightMoon Saga

NightMoon Saga development has been put on hold until our Devil Core Tactics projects have been completed. We will resume development once new products are released.

A first-person dungeon crawler RPG/JRPG. A tribute to old-school gaming and a true RPG at it's roots. Inspired by Arcana (SNES) and Etrian Odyssey Series, Nightmoon Saga sends you to a world filled with unique Npc's, deep story telling, over a hundred dangerous dungeons to explore and hordes of magical card souls and items to collect. Join us as we build a new and unique experience while staying true to what an RPG dungeon crawler should be. Keep in touch to stay up to date on our progress.

To learn more, explore the features and gallery for some great screenshots. Your interest and support will help to make this game the best it can be. Enjoy your visit.

Game Features

Open-World Dungeon Crawling RPG?
The world is a large place. Aside from the guild, there are many other towns and villages to explore and over 100 dungeons to uncover. Nightmoon Saga does not limit your exploration and a lot of the world will be open for you at the beginning of the game. The games main story will take you through the primary world locations, however, there are many other tasks to keep you occupied and never pushes you into anything. It's your choice where you wish to go. But be cautious. Dungeons have a skill level and some may be too dangerous when starting out. Choose your path wisely and see what the world has to offer.

Guild and Village Exploration (WIP)
Guild and village exploration is done through 2D gui scenes. Explore different areas within a safe zone and visit NPC's, shops, and many other activities. You will come across many new NPC's while traveling. By speaking to the people of the world and investigating new quests and side-quests, you will begin to unlock new locations on the world map to explore. You will also find many survivors and resources to help build on and expand the nightmoon guild with new features and activities. Take your time and be patient. Help the survivors of Sinosha and enjoy the many stories that you will experience. Everyone has a new tale and a world full of adventure awaits you.

Dungeon Exploration (WIP)
When you're not roaming towns and interacting with NPC's, you will be exploring the dungeons of the world. There are many different types of dungeons and each will have it's own puzzles, tasks and enemies to defeat. As you progress, you will obtain magical tools to help in solving puzzles and exploring new areas. Some dungeons may require certain tools to gain access to new areas, while others will test your strength. A dungeon can have just a few floors to explore or could have as many as up to 100 floors. Stand your ground when possible or escape when things get too dangerous. You can always return at any time.

Real-time ATB Combat
The RPG battle system is in real-time and an ATB gauge decides if a player or enemy can make an action. Combat will never pause while you decide on a skill to cast or deciding on what item to use. If the enemies ATB gauge if full, they will make an action regardless of you being ready for it. Vhan and Rue will attack the same way. When their ATB gauge is full, they can make an action regardless of what the enemy is doing. Stay active and focused, hesitation will get you killed.

NightMoon Gallery

NightMoon Saga : Screenshots of product and gameplay.

Title Screen

Dungeon Exploration

Battle System

Menu System

Village Exploration

World Exploration