Devil Core Tactics

DEVIL CORE TACTICS - Core Set Overview
Devil Core Tactics is a diceless strategy RPG card game for 2+ players. Build your battlefield, summon your allies and enter into the war of the gods as you battle against each other. This is the core set and includes everything needed to get started.

Upon the death of the Elder God, an ancient chaos begins to unravel the fabric of time and space as it begins to spread and corrupt the mortal world. The throne is now empty, the ancient seals are beginning to break and the evil that was once kept contained has broken free. The Cursed King has awakened. As the peace between the council of gods begins to crumble, all now seek to claim the throne as their own. As they fight amongst themselves, the Cursed King grows ever stronger and it is only a matter of time before his presence shadows the world.

This set includes :
* Sacred Cross Deck x30 Cards (In Custom Sacred Cross Tuckbox)
* Crimson Nobles Deck x30 Cards (In Custom Crimson Nobles Tuckbox)
* 8x10 Sinosha Battlemaps x30 (15 Per Deck) (Double Sided)
* Devil Core Tactics : Rules
* Battle Record Sheet x2

KINGDOM OF SINOSHA : Sacred Cross vs Crimson Nobles :
With all eyes on the throne, the Crimson Nobles, ruled by the Blood Goddess Aura, quickly make their move. But the clan of the Sacred Cross, ruled by the Divine God Fujin, son of the great Elder God, stands in the way of their goals. As the war escalates, the Kingdom of Sinosha is forever changed within its wake. Only one clan will claim victory. Only one will move forward to have a chance at obtaining ultimate power.

Rules and Gameplay

Download : Battle Record Sheet - PNG

Devil Core Gallery

Core Set : Photos of product and gameplay. Photos copyright (c) Evoeon.


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